Prologue to   A LIFE WORTH LIVING.

As I get to the cross roads of my life in 1996 when I bring an end to my sabbatical spent in Hawkstone Hall,  South Africa and Chile, I want to give some record of my journey so far.  Looking back with great gratitude to God for his blessing in numerous ways and showing those blessings will I hope gives me a deeper insight into my past and encouragement for my future.   For those h read these lines I hope they tell an Ampleforth story full of goodness and strength, and full of the complexities which make up our life.   I have been uniquely privileged in having had a wide variety of experiences the most significant of them being the spiritual ones which in the 70s brought the past into focus and provided the gifts and charisms for the future.   My life has not been a normal one for an Ampleforth monk though I have done normal Ampleforth things.