Charismatic Renewal



In 1971 I first came into contact with the CHARISMATIC RENEWAL. Reflecting over the years, I found myself trying to understand the renewal in his historical context, Then why it all happened in 1967, and that led me to ask what was its relationship with the Vatican council. It brought me to realise the importance of baptism in the Spirit, and the gifts which flow from this outpouring – tongues, healing (see its own section below) words of knowledge, prophecy, discernment. I had to understand the essence of charismatic prayer.

In 1978 I began the DAYS OF RENEWAL at Ampleforth. Later I assisted at the Ampleforth Conferences from 1978-82. These conferences then went to Ushaw and then to Trinity and All Saints Leeds.

In 1979 I began to realise the importance of the spiritual journey of young people especially those who had left Catholic secondary schools. The Ampleforth prayer group gave rise to the Ampleforth Student Conferences.

In 1998 I met a strong prayer group community in Warrington and together we began the Forward in the Spirit Conferences – a series of 5.