Ampleforth Day of Renewal – Plan of Day

It was Heidi Foxton, a German lady married to a rodent operator in Scarborough who was a great supporter of the day with her daughter  in the early days of the East wing, who suggested the formula which we have kept ever since.   The formula was to being with prayer and praise, so that people coming could filter in easily to the crypt having had the organising team meet in a classroom to pray and be organise by the chairperson.   The input from me, from the Scripture person and from the chairperson with notices was followed by the sharing groups.  In these groups the people got to know each other and be encouraged by them. New comers to the Day were given a special introduction to Charismatic renewal.  For many years I did this and I discovered the extraordinary stories of those who came.  Some were brought by their daughters, others by their mothers, some heard from friends. One heard about it in the outback f Australia where her daughter had settled and the pair of them had started a day of Renewal like Ampleforth, so the visiting mother wanted to come back to see how it had all started.  Often the newcomers were not Catholic, but had experience of the renewal in their own Churches.   After this period of getting to know you, there was a shared lunch.  Each person brought food and shared it at a common table.  We provided tea and coffee.  Meanwhile they were encouraged to look a the bookstall which was set up in St. Alban Roe chapel.   The t talk was always at 2.00 and there then followed  a workshop, confessions, and exposition of the blessed sacrament in the main chapel of the crypt.   Sometimes this period was used also for healing groups in the old part of the crypt.   Mass was at 4.00 or sometimes 4.30. and others came to be the main healing time during the Mass with healing teams spread out round the crypt (extended healing times were also available during the lunch slot.   In 1995 the healing teams were the leaders of groups during the morning time and this brought all members of the community into the healing ministry.  This seemed to be better than having selected teams from out of the community.  – it was helped by the fact that the community was rather smaller in 1995.   When I departed in 1995, Fr. David White an ex Anglican pp in Middlesbrough took over this ministry.