In 1967 a momentous event happened in the Catholic Community. To a group of devout students and teachers the Holy Spirit came as a new pentecost. this transformed their lives and began an era of Grace which has changed the Catholic Church. . It was characterised by the re-emergence of some of St. Paul’s Gifts of the Holy Spirit as a grace for our time. gifts Tongues, prophecy, healing, words of knowledge were experienced by Catholics but deeper than all this was a new personal knowledge of Jesus and the desire and confidence to share that knowledge. Fr. O’Connor described the origins of this grace in his book The Pentecostal Movement in the Catholic Church. Support form the American conference of Bishops as given early and Popes Paul VI and John Paul 11 appointed special bishops (for many years Cardinal Suenens) to guide and help the individuals,parishes, communities which were so blessed.

In England individual prayer groups began in the early 1970s, a Day of Renewal began in Harrogate in 1972. An ecumenical conference was held in Guildford in 1974, and Francis MacNutt spoke and ministered to 200 laypeople and 40 priests at a conference at Hopwood Hall in Manchester in 1975.