Ampleforth Youth Network

The strengths of the Ampleforth Youth Network is its clear commitment to Jesus and the power of his Spirit to change lives. This Spirit builds up the Community through the love, support,friendship which exists betwen members and who thus find strength in their lives humanly and spiritually. They battle with great obstacles of time and distance in order to meet together and when they meet they experience once more the power of prayer and ministry to build them up as individuals and a community. Areas which they work on (as any Christian does) are the discipline of daily pray and scripture, and weekly worship, mature relationships with those outside the community, a sense of mission, and a following of the way of life of the Community. As the months go by they will come to appreciate the strengths which they have been given in the community, and wherever life take them, they will form small supportive groups to share these gifts and allow the Holy Spirit to continue his work in transforming lives.

So the Ampleforth Student conference takes its place among many other new initiatives in the Catholic world as through the power of the Holy Spirit the changes implied in the Vatican council slowly percolate through the Church. It endeavours to remain true to the tradition while responding to the new Spiritual initiatives by which the Community will be forever old and forever new and thereby meeting for the needs of each generation in the Church. .