Healing Ministry


2.2 In 1975 I experienced the Healing ministry of Fr. Francis MacNutt OP. At Hopwood Hall Manchester he spoke powerfully on healing, and ministered to us and we were able to witness his prayer for deliverance. Over the years I realised that this healing ministry is central to the Gospel and the work of priests.

he showed how healing was intrinsic to Jesus’ ministry, how the early Church expected these signs to be present, how healing was linked with sanctity and also with the ordinary ministry of the Church for the faithful as developed in the Sacraments.  These Holy Signs were the ways in which Jesus touched us his members and others to bring us his healing and peace.

Jesus always wishes to heal us, that is his nature, but the way it happens, and the timing, and the particular way in which we are healed is up to Him.  This is a mystery which we cannot fathom, but we hold in faith that he who called us out of darkness and gave us his Spirit will continue to prepare and enable us to be effective as his disciples.  He will therefore heal us of those injuries which we should not have in order that we might be able to undertake the sufferings which come as a result of our carrying his cross.

Francis MacNutt also introduced us to the experience of prayer for deliverance from oppression. He taught the importance of priests being involved in this ministry under the proper guidance and conditions.