Healing of Memories


Find a place where you can be quiet and uninterrupted. Choose a physical position which is comfortable. Come before the Lord in an attitude of humility and trust. Enter into this prayer in whatever way that you feel led to enter into it Since healing is an ever on-going process, this prayer will not solve all your problems. We will never get to the point of saying. Now all my problems are gone, all my memories have been healed.’ but we can get big barriers that are keeping us from health and wholeness out of the way. Inner healing has been accomplished when a past event no longer has the power to hurt – when it can be recalled without sadness, shame or guilt Come into the presence of God)

Lord Jesus, thank you for being here, for the privilege of feeling Your strength and Your presence.

Lord. You can walk through my life, all the way back to the very moment I was conceived.

Help me Lord, even then: Cleanse my bloodlines and free me of all those things that have caused me difficulty at the moment of conception. When I was formed within my mothers womb. You were there; free me and heal me of any bonds upon my spirit which may have entered me through my mother or the circumstances of my parents’ lives even as I was being formed. For this, I give you thanks.

I praise You too. Jesus. that You are healing me of the trauma of being born. I pray. Jesus. that You would heal me of the pain of birth and all I went through being born. I thank You. Lord. that You were there to receive me into Your arms as I was born. Consecrate me in that very moment to the service of God. I thank You, Jesus, for this has been done.

Lord Jesus. I praise You that in those early months of my infancy. You were there with me when I needed You. There were times when I needed my mother to hold me close, and to rock me, and tell me the little stories that only a mother can. Lord, do this in the very depths of my being. Let me feel such. all overwhelming sense of maternal, comforting, nourishing I love that nothing will ever separate me from that love again. I thank You and praise You, Lord, because I know it is being done. For whatever reason I may feel neglected Lord, fill in that part of my being now with that strong fatherly love that comes only from a father. Even if lam not aware of having needed to have strong arms around me and a daddy’ to love me and give me security and strength, do that for me now. I thank You, Lord. that this too is being done.

I have come to understand and accept it, but a part of me never really felt complete, never really felt wanted. I ask today for a healing of that, Lord, let me know that I am Your child, an important person in Your family, a unique individual that You love in a very special way.

Heal me, Lord, of the hurt that came because of the relationships in my family, the brother or the sister that did not quite understand, or didn’t show me love and kindness as he or she should have. Part of me never felt loved because of it. Let me now reach out in forgiveness to that brother or sister. Perhaps, over the years. I have never quite been able to accept them, because they have not accepted me: give me a measure of love for them so that the next time I see them, there will be such an overwhelming love that all the old things will have passed away. You will have made me new. I thank You for that, Lord.

I pray, Lord, for a healing of those years I spent in the classroom, that You would take from me any pain or suffering that was inflicted upon me at that time. I withdrew within myself then, Lord. I began to be afraid to speak out in groups because I had been ridiculed, or chastised, or criticised in classroom situations. I stopped speaking out because it was too painful. Lord, I ask that the door within my heart be opened up. Let me relate in groups ma more open, more freeway than I have ever been able to do before. As this healing takes place, I will have the confidence and courage to do what You call me to do in every situation. I thank ‘You. Lord, because I believe this is being healed now.

Lord, as I went into adolescence. I began to experience things that frightened me, embarrassed me. and caused me pain. I have never quite got over some of the experiences I had as I was learning about myself and what it means to be a personal pray, Lord Jesus, a healing upon all the experiences that I had as a teenager, for the things that I did and for the things that were done to me that have never quite been healed. Enter my heart and take from me now all the experiences that have caused me suffering, embarrassment or shame. I am not asking You, Jesus, to erase these things from my mind, but to transform them so that I can remember them no longer with shame, but with thanksgiving.

Let me understand what young people are going through today, because I have been through it myself -that time of searching and seeking and conflict. As I am being healed, let me help others to find this healing.

Lord Jesus, as (emerged from that period of my life and began to grow into the vocation you called me into. I had difficulties. I ask You, Jesus, to heal me in the state of life that lam in today, and all that has meant to the world around me.