For Married People


Lord, heal these things. Let my marriage begin again to be what God has called it to be. Let all of the old hurts and sorrows be put into Your hands, so that from this moment, this marriage can be cleansed, and begun anew, as free and as healed as it can possibly be. Thank You, Father, that through this healing we can become the kind of husband and wife that You have asked us to be.

Lord, help me feel such warmth and such strength of love pouring into me that I will never again doubt the path I’m travelling is the one that You have called me to be upon. Give me courage and confidence in the work that You have called me to do. Carry me forward with newness of purpose and goals. I thank You, Father, because I know this is being done.

I have felt lonely and sometimes abandoned and totally rejected by the rest of humanity. Lord Jesus, instill in me today a new sense of strength and purpose. Let me understand what you have put upon my heart. Let me be a living witness for Jesus Christ. I thank You, Father, that this is being done.

As the anointing of Your love flows over me. I give You glory. Lord, because I know it is done. Lord, there is no power in Heaven and Earth that can stop it, I praise You. Lord, because I know that the more I give to You, thanking You and praising You for it, the more You can give tome the strength of Your presence, the power of Your Spirit, the love of Your Divine Son. I praise You. Jesus, for this healing, and I give You the glory. Thank You. Amen.

Now take ten minutes of quiet Let the Spirit of God do His healing work in you, emptying your heart of things that are not of God. Let God refill it with His love.)