Anne Barker


Miss Ann Barker had been appointed Matron 18 months before I arrived.   She was immensely devoted to the boys, and dealt very well with them on the medical side, and she was a fine cook so ensured that the food was well cooked and interesting.  Cyril and Anne worked well together and Anne had a huge respect for him.  She was devotedly Catholics and keen to support anything which improved the chapel.   (When Fr. Edgar’s mother came she took over the flowers from Anne)   One moment in Anne time which was worth mentioning . When Tom Peel got an infection and nearly died, her quick response and knowledge of what to do saved his life.   Ann’s father and mother died when she was with us.  They lived in Sheffield, and Anne bought a house for her mother after the death of her father.  She went to live in this house when junior House moved to Gilding and she did not want to move over there.  She later found a job with the University and came back to Amplelorth on a number of occasions.