Life at Ollerton Hall


They were married in St. James’ Spanish Place, London on 21 June 1934. A special train was laid on for the colliers to come to London, many for the first time to be at the wedding. A film in 35mm. was taken of the occasion, however bad lighting inside meant that only a few shots of arriving guests and the happy couple outside the church were useful, for showing in the cinema at Ollerton which my Father and one or two others owned with one at Edwinstowe.  Their honeymoon was spent at Rab off the Dalmatian coast.  Further children were born, Oct 13 1939 David,  April 13 1941 Martin and Dec 3 1944 Miles. – the threequarter line complete as Monty telegrammed to Terence.  From this time Monty gave some shares to the Abbey s that the education of his 4 sons at Ampleforth would be paid for – this was quite a novel methods of pay for school fees at the time – since the altered circumstances of life and finance in the 1950s  made this arrangement inequitable to Ampleforth, Monty topped up the fees with cash at the end of the time. It was one of the curiosities of the marriage that Marjorie had no say in the finances of the family (probably part of Monty’s rather Edwardian values- finance were treated as mysteries which were only discussed with men, and perhaps with Helen Cutbill who proved to be a wise person with money when her marriage to Dudley Cutbill had broken up and she had to work for the rest of her life.  She began to work for the Butterley Co. in the offices of the company at Ollerton where she lived for some years during the war as John and Jane were growing up.  They were frequent visitors to the Hall which had huge grounds to play in.