Mother – Marjorie


It was Violet Graham, the granddaughter of Edward Hulton who had lived at Barracks, Cranbrook Kent (tel.9) since 1908 who brought Montagu Wright and Marjorie Book together.  Her Father …..Grabham having married Aggie (or Maggie – the other married Lord Strickland (Maltese fame)) came to live there and build up the ornamental garden in 1908.. Violet had Catholic friends in the local Goudhurst village, the Brook family.  The Brook family had originated in Huddersfield where John Brook’s father, George had had a business (bankrupted by dishonest of an accountant in 1906) in wool, and had built a house on a newly developed site at Egerton, near Warren Road called Fernbrook. The marriage was not  a happy one. John had met his wife Isabel Richardson in Australia when he had been buying wood and they had married in the early part to the 1900s.  Isabel had been Catholic and when the marriage  had broken up partly due to drink, the failure of the business and John’s inability to get or keep a job, Isabel had bought Lidwells just outside Goudhurst in Kent. The 4 girls of the marriage, Marjorie (Wright), Helen (Cutbill) Margaret or Bonnie (Blackden) and Peggy (Blackden) were all born at Lidwells and used to visit their cousins in Australia once every 4 years during the 1920s. The elder girls were educated by the Holy Child nuns at Harrogate and by the Sacred Heart sisters in Australia.  Though quite happy with her schools and with good memories of some of the nuns, Marjorie decided that she would not send a girl to a convent school – her sister Helen did send her daughter Jane to convents schools but Bonnie did not.   Violet Graham, no mean tennis player, took Marjorie Brook with her to visit her relations in Cumberland, the Hornyold Stricklands of Sizergh Castle.  On the way North they stayed the night with Montagu Wright whose sister was a friend of Violet’s at their convent school of Woldingham.  The two Catholics from similar middle class industrial backgrounds were obviously a match, and for Marjorie this was the obvious thing that they should marry.  This happened in 1934 a year after the death of Sarah who was buried in the monks cemetery later joined by  her husband (died 1941),one of their  sons being a monk Fr. Terence Wright (died 1957). A plaque in the crypt of the Abbey Church, the Holy Family chapel commemorates the two generations of the family. Monty from a well known industrial Derbyshire family( the name had become Wright in 16C from Camplyon) and after a time in Suffolk, the family had moved to Nottingham where one, Wright had raised a company of troopers for Parliament and is mentioned in Mrs Hutchinson’s diary), from small country estate to bankers in the city was not a large step, and then the investment in the Butterley company had provided an industrial base which with a great Christian entrepreneur son Francis (12 children) building mansions at Osmaston (which his eldest son took as his family name) and ….. at Pentrich (where the revolution in 1820 arose and Jeremiah Brandeth brought his ragged force to the gates of the company before being arrested in Nottingham).